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Factory integration
Optimize your SMT production line’s performance
The Assembléon Manufacturing Suite (AMS) integrates your machinery in a single control environment to optimize the performance of Pick & Place solutions. It increases operational efficiency and hence profitability by shortening design-to-production time, speeding up ramp-up, increasing process visibility and optimizing logistics flow. AMS streamlines the setting up and manufacturing of new and existing products, and facilitates compliance with the most stringent traceability requirements.
Overview & Benefits
The Assembléon Manufacturing Suite (AMS) is beneficial to the complete SMT manufacturing process, from production preparation to traceability. It provides more process visibility and control.
With the comprehensive suite of modules you can: - Move tasks offline to allow uninterrupted manufacturing
- Reduce changeover time and therefore increase operational efficiency
- Set up and run new and existing products
- Eliminate setup and running errors
- Prevent component starvation during production and keep the warehouse stocked
- Reduce the cost of non quality
- Comply with traceability legislation and customer requirements
Data Preparation

Data preparation to guarantee compatibility The AMS Data preparation modules convert customers’ data to Assembléon’s format. The CAD import and editing include Centroid, GenCAD, and Gerber, as well as Bill of Materials (BOM) import and editing. The offline vision preparation tool creates vision files and edits parts-related data. This process is executed without requiring machine usage for new part teaching.
Setup verification

Setup verification to avoid placement errors The AMS Setup assistant supports both online and offline closed-loop setup verification, saving time and avoiding placement
errors. It eliminates rework originating from incorrect setups, thus increasing output potential. Offline feeder/trolley setup includes operator guidance during setup creation, ensuring the correct part is loaded at the required position. The online feeder/trolley setup continuously monitors machine setup, and warns operators before feeders run empty.
Parts library manager

Parts library management to reduce time-to-volume The AMS Parts library manager centrally stores part, vision and feeder data as well as placement programs. This allows you to share data among all equipment connected, as well as edit part-related data. The benefits include reduced time-to-volume and simplified creation of the parts creation library.
Performance analysis

Performance analysis to maximize machine performance
The AMS Performance analysis modules ensures your automation network has up-to-minute information about key parameters. The interface makes the following data available:
- machine status
- active program name
- board-count
- component consumption
- Parts Per Million (PPM) data
- error data
- efficiency data
This data stream provides an accurate basis for measuring key performance indicators (KPi’s). Since data is exported in real time, you have an up-to-date representation of your key process indicators. The modules support Manufacturing Information System (MIS) data viewing. The registered data can be used in the AMS Performance monitor module. 
Product scheduling
Production scheduling to reduce changeover time The AMS Production scheduling modules combine multiple programs in one setup, thus reducing changeover time. There are modules for single machine optimization, line optimization (optimal cycle time), cycle time prediction, optimized feeder setup for multiple boards and minimizing changeover time between product changeovers.
Line control
Line control to facilitate the ‘lights off’ factory approach The AMS Line control modules provide remote line monitoring and remote line operation, which includes facilitating a ‘single-click product changeover’. This brings you a step closer to a ‘lights-off’ factory. The modules ensure no loss of production as a result of incorrect setups, and can manage placement programs for all machines in the factory.
TraceabilityTraceability to manage the production process

The AMS Traceability modules support machine, board, component, date and time traceability data. This information helps to minimize the cost of recalls and claims, as well as managing the production process and support component warehousing. The selectable data export possibilities include machine, date and time, board identification, program name and component part data. Data is protected by a failsafe data transport mechanism.
Parts warehousing

Parts warehousing to improve inventory management The AMS Parts warehousing modules improve inventory management by reporting component usage and status of new and empty reels to your parts warehousing operation. Inventory is updated in real time, and component consumption data is constantly available.

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